Introducing our new vegan flavours

It’s taken Annie a while, but a month of serious experimentation during the last lockdown has resulted in two amazing vegan options from our trusty Baboo kitchen of delights.

The guiding principles for our gelato queen were:
(1) no compromise in flavour;
(2) keep it local if possible, and
(3) make it from scratch using the best ingredients.    

Annie started with an open mind to which plant base to use: soya, coconut, hazelnut, pea, and oat were all trialled. Oat milk came out as the champ.

We sampled a host of oaty milks and settled on Minor Figures, which happily is from lovely Somerset, and grown sustainably. Into this we mix organic Madagascan vanilla pearl for our Vegan Vanilla; and Valrhona chocolate for our Vegan Choc. We hope you’ll find the results are uncompromisingly delicious.   

The vegan vanilla and vegan chocolate are available from our kiosks or from an ever-growing number of great farm shops and retailers in the West Country. If your shop doesn’t have it, please tell us, and we’ll try to persuade them. 

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