Our Gelato

Why gelato?

Gelato is not simply the Italian name for ice cream.

Although it feels very smooth, gelato is made using more milk than cream, and so is much lower in fat than traditional ice cream. There is also less air in gelato, which means it packs more flavour.

How to enjoy gelato at home

Gelato tastes best at -12ºC. This allows the taste buds to be more receptive, which, together with the lower air and cream content, makes the flavour of gelato much more intense. You can achieve this at home by taking the tub out of your freezer (usually at -18ºC) and putting it into your fridge for about 15 minutes before you want to eat it.



We use a lot of fruit at Baboo Gelato, and we have the pick of the crop from our own abundant and out-of-control garden. We grow many varieties of fruit bushes and trees: raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, apples, pears, plums, red-currants, blackcurrants, and gooseberries. With such a fabulous choice at our fingertips, we love to experiment with flavours. The end result speaks for itself.

When we can’t supply from our own crop we source our ingredients locally. When this isn’t possible (for instance with vanilla or chocolate) we use suppliers whom we know and trust and who make the tastiest ingredients.

Of course, the other important ingredient is milk. Based in the heart of the West Country’s dairy farms, we buy our milk from a local organic milk supplier.

Does this matter? We think it does. The fields that the cows graze on are filled with a variety of grasses, herbs and flowers, which give a much richer flavour to the milk. And we want the cows to be happy.

It is a scandal that half of the UK’s dairy farms have closed in the last ten years due to the low price the supermarkets pay for their milk.

How we do it

There are no short cuts to making fabulous artisanal ice cream. We make everything from scratch in small batches, from pasteurising the raw milk in order not to cook it twice (which would destroy its fresh flavour), to pureeing our fruit to get the freshest flavours, and to making our own ripples and toppings.

We use state-of-the-art artisanal machinery imported from Italy. Our trusted Carpigiani Labotronic helps us get the smoothest, creamiest gelato possible. All in all, it’s hard work, but we think it tastes better for it.

How it started

Recapturing the magic. . .