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Annie with rhubarb


Baboo Gelato was set up in 2015 by Annie Hanbury, a trained gelatiere, who wanted to combine her passion for making seriously good ice cream with the glut of fabulous ripe fruit on her doorstep. After years of living abroad, Annie and her family moved to the beautiful rolling hills behind the Dorset seaside town of Bridport and became the proud owners of a smallholding with an overflowing and abandoned market garden.

Annie decided she wanted to put the heart and soul back into ice cream making. She missed her children’s excitement and wonder as they chose from a gorgeous array of colourful and scrumptious flavours.

Baboo Gelato wants to recapture this magic.

Annie's children and dog with raspberries


Annie was born in Vienna to a Russian father and Irish mother, and has lived abroad for most of her life. Her earliest memories are of great family gatherings, always around a groaning dining table, discussing and bickering about the smallest detail of every dish. She has loved cooking and understanding flavours ever since.

In 2013 and 2014 she studied gelato making at the Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. Here she learned from the world’s master gelatieres the science of ice cream making. She now combines this very precise skill with her flair for flavour to make what we hope you’ll find to be delicious ice cream.

Annie has four children, a raspberry-growing husband, and an abiding passion for food.


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