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BABOOS - Box of 12 chocolate covered gelato & sorbet bonbons


This is a box of 12 gelato and sorbet bonbons covered in dark Belgian chocolate. There are four fabulous flavours: tropical passionfruit sorbet, autumnal raspberry sorbet, Piedmont hazelnut gelato and exotic coconut gelato.

Our award-winning Baboos are the ideal thank you gift for a dinner invitation, and indulgent treat snuggled up in your favourite spot or simply the perfect ending to a delicious meal. ⁠

Nationwide Delivery

Minimum order: 4 x 500ml tubs (£27.80)
Delivery charge for 4 or 5 x 500ml tubs: £6
Delivery charge for 6 or more 500ml tubs: FREE

Delivery days

Order before 8am delivery days as follows;

Order Mon delivery Tues
Order Tues delivery Wed
Order Wed delivery Thu
Order Fri delivery Tue
Order Sat delivery Tue
Order Sun delivery Tue

Order after 8am  delivery days as follows;

Order Mon delivery Wed
Order Tue delivery Thu
Order Wed delivery Fri
Order Thu delivery Tue
Order Fri delivery Tue
Order Sat delivery Tue
Order Sun delivery Tue

How we ship your gelato

We use dry ice to ensure your ice cream remains in great condition. It also means you don’t need to be at home to receive the goods (as long as you’re back by the evening). All our dry ice is from plant based and renewable CO2 sources.