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Doggy Doggy Yum Yum


Doggy Doggy Yum Yum is made for dogs who want a cool treat in the summer heat, just like their owners.

It is made with 100% natural ingredients. We don’t want to give dogs anything less than we want for ourselves.

Dogs tummies don’t like milk so we use coconut milk. This is absolutely lactose free.

We use no artificial flavours, refined sugars, gums or emulsifiers. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan doggies.

This is good stuff.

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COMPOSITION: Banana purée (40%), coconut milk (28%), water, agave syrup, peanut butter (3%), vegetable fibre, Dorwest Keeper's Mix® Sensitive (0.25%)(kelp seaweed, marshmallow root, lucerne, nettles, psyllium husks, clivers, German chamomile)


  • Protein 1.2%
  • Fat content 6.3%
  • Crude ash 0.5%
  • Crude fibre 0.3%
  • Moisture 72.9%