For trade accounts, the following flavours are available in 2.25 litre ‘half napolis’.   Please email us at to order, or call our office on 01308 488629.

If you would like to discuss opening a trade account with us, please do get in touch.

Annie loves exploring new flavours and is happiest in our lab when experimenting with new flavours so if you are a chef looking for the perfect ice cream to pair with your latest creation, please do contact us.

Blackcurrant sorbet

An intensely flavoured sorbet, made with that most under-rated of fruit: the British blackcurrant. The blackcurrants come from our garden and from Forde Abbey. We use a number of varieties of blackcurrants including Ben Lomond.

Campari & Grapefruit

Dangerously delicious sorbet made with real Campari and fresh grapefruit juice.  Not for children.

Chocolate sorbet

We use Valrhona chocolate from France, and Callebaut Belgian cocoa powder.  These are very high quality. Valrhona is a premium, artisanal French chocolate maker, who has been producing since 1922 in the same village in the Rhone valley. This is THE chocolate that leading pastry chefs use.  Ideal for vegans.

Flu Buster sorbet

We made this one for our children, but it has been so popular we’ve kept going with it.  It contains lemon juice and orange juice for Vit C, honey for the throat, and ginger and cayenne pepper to clear the airways.  It has a strong citrus flavour to start, with a spicey finish.
Flu Buster sorbet award 1

Gin & Tonic sorbet

We use Conker Gin (from Dorset of course) and Fever Tree tonic for this dangerously delicious alcoholic sorbet.  You get a tonic flavour to start with, and then a full gin juniper flavour comes through.

Grapefruit sorbet

Made with grapefruits bought through Washingpool farmshop.

Lemon sorbet

Taste of the West’s Champion Ice Cream and Sorbet 2016. Made with Italian lemons, this is bright tasting and refreshing. Add some prosecco and vodka and you have a dangerously good scroppino cocktail.
Lemon sorbet award 1

Lime sorbet

Made with limes from Brazil. This is clean and delicious. A dollop in a mojito would not be a mistake.

Mango sorbet

Tropical holiday in a tub.

Orange sorbet

Made with Spanish oranges.  This is a super-refreshing sorbet.

Passionfruit sorbet

Made with not-from-concentrate 100% passionfruit juice, this is a perennial favourite.

Pineapple Sorbet

Made with 100% pure pineapple juice.  Frozen pina colada anyone?

Plum sorbet

Made with Czar and Victoria plums from nearby North Perrott Fruit Farm in Somerset. These plums are so sweet and flavoursome, with the most outrageous colour, we just can’t get enough of them.
Plum sorbet award 1 Plum sorbet award 2

Raspberry sorbet

Made with our own autumn raspberries.  We think autumn raspberries are even better than summer raspberries as they have had all summer to build up their flavour. We pick and immediately freeze the raspberries from late August to early October. Sam has turned ever more of our garden to growing different varieties of this fantastic fruit. And although you won’t believe your eyes, the colour is just from the fruit, with no added colouring. We’re not willing to buy Chilean cotton wool raspberries in December so as with most of our fruit flavours, when our stock runs out, that’s it until next year.

Strawberry sorbet

Made with Forde Abbey’s delicious English strawberries.  Simple, but a perfect summer treat. Great in cocktails and mocktails too.

Amaretto Gelato

Amaretto gelato - Made with organic milk and an infusion of Disaronno’s classic amaretto liqueur (only the best for Baboo). Not for children.

Blackberry & Apple Crumble Gelato

Made with organic milk, apples from our own orchard including varieties like Ashmead’s Kernel, Rosemary Russet, Discovery and Upton Pyne. The blackberries come at great pain from foraging our neighbourhood hedgerows.

Blackcurrant Ripple Gelato

Made with organic milk, and a blackcurrant coulis (thick sauce made of blackcurrants, sugar and water). We ripple the coulis through the gelato base. The blackcurrants come from our garden and the beautiful Forde Abbey’s pick your own farm.

Cardamom Gelato

Made with organic milk, and green cardamom pods.

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Gelato

Made with organic milk, with Nutella swirled through a smooth creamy gelato base.

Chocolate Orange Gelato

Made with organic milk, Valrhona chocolate, orange juice and candied bitter orange peel from Italy. A grown-up flavour.

Damson Ripple Gelato

Made with organic milk, and Farleigh and Shropshire damsons from our orchard, or damsons liberated from Sam’s mum’s garden.

Dorset Apple Cake Gelato

Made with organic milk, the base is infused with Liberty Fields’ fabulous Apple Syrup, to which we add chunks of delicious homemade Dorset apple cake, using apples from our orchard.

Double Chocolate Gelato

Made with organic milk. We use Valrhona chocolate from France, and Callebaut Belgian cocoa powder. These are very high quality (and expensive). Valrhona is a premium, artisanal French chocolate maker, who has been producing since 1922 in the same village in the Rhone valley. This is THE chocolate that leading pastry chefs use. We call it double as we striate ribbons of hard chocolate through the chocolate gelato.

Fennel & Orange Gelato

Made with organic milk infused with fennel seeds and orange peel.

Ginger Gelato

Made with organic milk, infused with fresh ginger, and peppered with cubes of candied ginger.

Gooseberry & Elderflower Gelato

Made with organic milk, elderflowers from our hedgerows (a dangerous game of balancing on top of a ladder with a pair of scissors each June), and gooseberries from our garden and from Forde Abbey. We have a number of different varieties including Hinnomaki Red, Hinnomaki Yellow, Invicta, Remarka, and Whitham’s Industry. Some are red and others are green, so you will notice the colour of the ice cream changing from batch to batch. We cook the gooseberries in large pots, then sieve, and add our homemade elderflower cordial for a floral overtone.

Hazelnut Gelato

A new star for us. Made with organic milk and 100% pure hazelnut paste that we buy direct from Saverio Rapalino’s farm near Genoa, Italy. The farm is in the Piedmont region, which has a DOP for hazelnuts. We have tasted at least twenty different hazelnut pastes, and we chose this one because of the depth of flavour, and the way it lingers in the mouth. We also like to know our suppliers, and buying direct from the farm ensures not only a strong relationship, but that the farmer gets the proceeds, not a chain of middlemen. The nuts are ground to a paste to order, which ensures that it is as fresh as possible when we receive it. The paste makes the whole lab smell gorgeous, and wow do they taste good.

Humbug Gelato

Made with organic milk and caramel and mint. It tastes like those black and white boiled sweets that came in paper bags from proper sweet shops.

Jaffa Cake Gelato

Made with organic milk and chopped up pieces of traditional Jaffa cakes. Perhaps not the most Italian of recipes but you can’t beat a Jaffa Cake. So there, Bologna!

Madagascan Vanilla Gelato

We use organic milk and Madagascan vanilla pearls. Why do we mention Madagascar? Because the Madagascans are the unquestionable world experts in the tricky task of maturing vanilla. The extra time and sophistication of their curing process means we get a richer, more intense vanilla flavour.

Marmalade & Toast Gelato

Made with organic milk, and homemade marmalade. One of our family rituals is to spend a day in January to making a year’s supply of marmalade with the finest Seville oranges. We’ve depleted the horde to make this yummy ice cream. We add small pieces of toasted sourdough from Punch & Judy in Bridport. It sounds weird, but it works.

Maple & Walnut Gelato

Taste of the West Gold 2017 and finalist. Made with organic milk and walnuts which we praline ourselves using 100% pure Canadian maple syrup from Somerset based Great White North LLP.
Maple & Walnut Gelato award 1

Mint Choc Chip Gelato

Made with organic milk, Boyjian 100% mint extract, and ribbons of Valrhona chocolate dribbled through it. Sorry it’s not green but we don’t use colourings – ever.

Peanut & Choc Gelato

Made with organic milk, a rich and pure peanut paste from Italy, and threaded with Valrhona chocolate.
Peanut & Choc Gelato award 1

Pistachio Gelato

Made with organic milk and 100% pure pistachio paste. As with our hazelnuts, our discovery of our pistachio provider was the result of copious amounts of tasting. Pistachios come from a climatic belt running across California to Kazakhstan. We narrowed our tasting down to Italy, then to Sicily, and finally to the DOP area of Bronte in Sicily. We had found a larger supplier in Bronte, when at the end of a long day of tasting, we came across a small farm offering pure pistachio paste. We were astonished by the rich, deep flavour, and fell in love immediately. We have been buying from them for the last two years, and have never been disappointed.

Rum & Raisin Gelato

An old favourite. Rum and raisin is a traditional flavour, that has been made with artificial flavourings for a very long time. This has meant that it has stopped really tasting of rum. We wanted to change this so we make it using real rum. We flavour the base with Captain Morgan Original Dark Rum, which we infuse with vanilla and orange peel. We also steep the sultanas in rum to give a strong taste. Not for children.

Salted Caramel Crunch Gelato

This is the best seller in our kiosks. It is made with organic milk, salt from Halen Mon in Anglesey, and caramelised sugar, lovingly cooked from scratch. The crunch comes from honeycomb pieces.

Strawberry Gelato

A summer classic. During late June we buy hundreds of kilos of ripe strawberries, grown in the fresh Somerset air at Forde Abbey. We puree these, and add them to our organic milk base for a delicious, intense strawberry flavour.